What is VAASTU ; VAASTU is termed as ancient science and principals to be used in planning.
The basic principals are Puja room and water tank in eeshan (North East corner) 
Kitchen in south east corner
And heavy structure/ store in south west corner. Rest bed rooms and other spaces.
" A very simple logic".
This logic holds correct while planning in a bigger plot/ farm where there is an ample space around the house and you have morning sun, evening sun and good breeze.
now what if the case is 1000 sqft plot in row housing, and both side common wall. Here VAASTU principals cannot be worked out and will be irrelevant, you should look to the open spaces keep kitchen and rooms well ventilated, and plan to have more of natural air and light.
Forget VAASTU, or you will mess up with an idiotic plan.
VAASTU is basic principle not a rule to follow, it is not a religion but a healthy science.


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