Let us explore further, what is a field of architecture, and what an architect does. Well the answer to this is needs an extensive elaboration: The field of architecture is basically related to human settlement in groups & societies, where there is an involvement of Human race, architecture field comes into picture. For example, say for a human settlement, a colony planing is required, with colonies in picture means of movement/ road network is required, further to full-fill daily needs, market, shopping area, schools, entertainment, transit system, etc. are to be designed. And here comes the architect. Person with a job to plan and improve our standard of living with his planning & inputs to the overall infrastructure, with design of a small house, to colonies, to cities, office building, cultural buildings, office complexes etc. etc. The list is long, to add further “from a mere shop design to a shopping centre, and a shopping mall, entertainment theatres”
In continuation to my earlier post about the field of architecture,  there is a specific difference between a designer and artist,  an artist uses his brush as per his will and make different strokes on a canvas.  He uses his tool as master stroke to shape his imagination.  While a designer is a person who has to transform the strokes upon a live canvas giving shapes and colors to a 3d environment.  Whose task is difficult? Certainly a designer's canvas. To bring imagination into a reality,  to fulfill the dream into colors of 3d.  What a great artist.  And thy name is architect.  A different profession of art to reality. I will continue to write on this subject in my  further posts,  be in touch.

The field of architecture

Many people wonder about the Architecture as profession and relationship between an art & architecture, they don't know what exactly is Architecture, and what kind Art being used in the profession. (This is a very elaborated topic and will need pages after pages to discuss in detail) I (Ar. Sunil Manocha) will try to define and elaborate the topic , and also to clear the misconception and myths about this very artistic field. In a very few words the definition of architecture is “Architecture is a science which transforms an art into a reality, and gives third dimension to the Canvas”. Architect is an artist which thinks three dimensional, and transforms his thought to a beautiful reality in form of buildings, landscapes, and places to live.  Contd............ (I shall be continuing to elaborate this topic in my further blogs)   
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 “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”                                                                                               –  Charles Eames
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“When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I’ve finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it’s wrong.”                                                                  –  Buckminster Fuller