In continuation of my previous blog on Vaastu principles, today I would like to discuss use of Vaastu in elaborated way.

1: In Vaastu based plan circular or hexagonal or irregular shapes in planning is not allowed, only square & rectangular plans are permitted: This has a scientific reason that maximum areas can be utilized in rectangular & square plans, and there is minimum wastage of area to be used.

2: Store/ Elevated area with minimum openings is to be kept in south, southwest and western walls: This has a valid point , these areas since have very less openings will stop the heat from the setting south west sun thus giving more comfortable environment inside the building

3: Stairs to be clock wise and rectangular in shape no circular stairs allowed: Usually we do parikrama clockwise in temples, i think this relates the faith for stairs in a building.

4: In Bed Rooms the Head position while sleeping should not be towards north side: This has some relation with magnetic field of earth, and a theory that keeping the head in north while sleeping will not give a sound sleep.

In my opinion Vaastu if followed in a true spirit is always good, but not blindly
We have to keep balance between our beliefs and practical science.

Kudos to our Ancestors for developing a science which no other civilization or society has ever thought off.


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