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Interior designer as a profession

Interior design as a subject is very vast and has various form.
A small bed to drawing room or designing of a massive shopping mall , boutique and a corporate office. This subject needs a different visualization and a different approach. 
Lighting plays a major role and a perfect interior depends upon the lighting used as a part of aesthetics. 
Interior design as profession needs a regular updates of upcoming materials and use of individual artistic expertise to create the magic of colors. 
In Bhopal interior designing is at developing stage but as new emerging branch a new dawn is visible in the horizon. 

One must wake up to the new era of interior design. - A promising profession
Do you want to grow up to be an artist. No, because creativity knows no age or definite medium.
I wouldn't want to grow up to be something I already am.---- anonymous

This struck me right in heart when I dropped up my diploma in mechanical engineering to take up a course of an architect.

 Initially, it was different as a perfect art studied about roman architecture,Islamic architecture, mesoamerican architecture and more. My mind was blown to admire such beautiful man-made giant structures. soon we were on toes with projects, assignments , sketches burdened with a minute line to brush strokes.

Being running business in the era of computers looking back at those college memories when we used set squares and stencils defining every negligible line was a job full of patience.
The birth of computer and calculator made it easier for us to make drawing,maps,elevations easily design-able. Yet, being an artist still reflects back those memories full of emotions expressed in a form of capti…